The day I learnt to bake bread at Quiver Tree Bakery

Felix Mendelsohn runs Quiver Tree Bakery, an online Mecca for bread making tips, advice and equipment. I've known Felix for something like 10 years but today I saw him doing his thang with bread and it was ace. It follows »

My Ardunio Hello world - 3 LED's and a Potentiometer

This morning I jumped out of bed at 7am (like at 9 year old boy), brewed a coffee (like a middle-aged man) and set about playing with my new Arduino (like a 9 year old boy). After flying through a »

Un-boxing my Arduino Uno r3 electronics prototyping kit

Today I received my Arduino open-source electronics prototyping kit from Leantec. It took almost 7 weeks to arrive as the first one never arrived. However, the friendly people at Leantec sent me another free of charge :-) I'm pretty excited »