Sitefinity backend issue: IIS Detailed Error 404.0 Not Found

Today as I set up a local version of a Sitefinity I hit on an issue, it took a while to fix so wanted to share my solution.

The problem

The frontend is working just fine but there are issues with the backend. The login page works ok but when I click on any of the links in the menu I get the following error.

IIS 8.5 Detailed Error - 404.0 - Not Found

My setup is Windows 8.1 running IIS 8.5.

The solution

To fix this issue I added a new handler mapping for Sitefinity services:

  • Open Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Choose the correct site from the tree on the left
  • Go to Handler Mappings in the settings window:

  • Add a new "Managed Handler" using the values below.
  • Request Path: *.svc
  • Type: System.ServiceModel.Activation.ServiceHttpHandlerFactory, System.ServiceModel.Activation, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35

  • Click Request Restrictions
  • Uncheck "Invoke handler only if request is mapped to:"
  • On Verbs tab, select All verbs.
  • On Access tab, select Script.

Head back to your Sitefinity backend and hey presto it'll be working!